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Re-order AliExpress canceled orders

The orders you placed to AliExpress can sometimes get canceled for various reasons.

You can activate DSers Canceled Orders Optimization to greatly reduce the cancellation rate.

In case, you accidentally canceled an order on AliExpress, here’s how you can re-order an AliExpress canceled order.

Place an order in DSers’ Canceled tab

Here is an example of an order that is canceled on AliExpress.

You can find this order in the Canceled tab on DSers. You can edit the order to change the supplier or the variant of this order by clicking on the right side of the order - Edit.


Import a new AliExpress supplier URL (Step 1) and choose the new variant you want to order (Step 2), select a shipping method (Step 3), then click on SAVE(Step 4).


Once you finished modifying the order as you want, simply click on the Order button to re-order it.


After this order is successfully placed to AliExpress, DSers will move it to the Awaiting payment tab, and you will just have to pay for it on AliExpress.


DSers tries its best to reduce the canceled orders occurrence and give you the best tools to deal with them!