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Re-order fulfilled orders

In case some orders were wrongly fulfilled, whether it is because you accidentally manually fulfilled them on DSers or on WooCommerce, you can easily roll back those orders and re-order them again.

Here’s how you can do it.

Roll back fulfilled orders

Let’s use some WooCommerce orders that are marked as Completed as an example.

If they are fulfilled on WooCommerce as below.

They are also fulfilled on DSers. Select the orders you want to re-order on DSers. Then click Roll back orders.

A new window will pop-up, click on Roll back orders

Enter CONFIRM and click on CONFIRM.

Click on Ok after the rollback process is completed.

DSers will then move those orders to the Awaiting order tab.

Re-order fulfilled orders

Now that those orders are back in the Awaiting order tab, you can simply place those orders to AliExpress again as you normally would.

Select the orders you want to re-order, then click on Place order to AliExpress.