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Edit a product on Shopify

Product management is the key to having a successful dropshipping business. Knowing how to edit a product on Shopify can definitely make your product more attractive to your customers so that you will gain more sales in return.

Let’s break down the process of editing a product step-by-step and take a closer look at them.

Edit a product

Go to Shopify – Products – All products.

In the following demonstration, we will use an AliExpress product that was imported to Shopify by DSers, which means most of the important information is already automatically entered when DSers push the product for you.

Click on the name of the product you want to edit.

In the Edit product page, you can change the product title and edit the description you like.


By hovering a picture, you can edit and delete the image.

You can also add new media by clicking the button below.


You can change the variants in the variants window. You can also click Edit to change more information.

After clicking Edit, you’ll be taken to a page where you can change the product options, pricing, inventory and shipping information.

After you finished setting everything you want, you can click Save at the right top.

Now you know everything about editing a product on Shopify. Be creative and make your product more appealing to your customers!

📕 NOTE: Once you have modified a product on Shopify, you will need to re-connect the AliExpress supplier to the product