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Remove "Ship From" of a product

In some cases, you may find the “Ships From” option too redundant or simply want to hide this option from your customers. If that’s the case, please read the guide below:

Shopify Product Edition

You will need to edit the product on Shopify if you want to remove the “Ships From” option and re-map the product on DSers after the option is removed.

Here is the tutorial of how to manage that:

Let’s use this product on AliExpress that has "Ships From" option as an example.

As you can see after you imported the product to DSers and push the product to Shopify as you normally would, the “Ships From” option appears on the Mapping page.

To delete the "Ships From" option, you need to access All Products and click the name of this product on Shopify.

Then scroll down to find the Variants part and click More Options.

Select Edit Options from the dropdown list.

Then, you will need to manually delete all the variants from Ships From.

You can only delete the option when there is one variant left.

Click Done when you are finished.

A confirmation will pop up and select Delete Variants.

Don’t forget to save your changes at the top right corner!

Once the Ships From option is removed, you need to re-map the product on DSers.

Go to the Mapping page on DSers. Now you will notice the Ships From options disappeared from the left column (your Shopify product variants list).

You need to map your supplier column to determine a default country where you want all the orders to ship from.

Don’t forget to save when you are all done.

Advanced Mapping

If you want to select various Ships From depending on the destination of the order, you can use the Advanced Mapping.

Here is an example of what you can do with Advanced Mapping:

With this kind of mapping, every order coming from a Russian customer, will be delivered from the Russian based warehouse of your supplier and every order coming from a Spanish customer, will be delivered from the Spanish based warehouse!

Moreover, you can set cheaper suppliers for specific countries with Advanced Mapping.

For instance, Supplier A offers a cheaper price when shipping to the US while Supplier B offers a cheaper price to France. In this case, you can use Advanced Mapping to maximize your profit margin by mapping both suppliers accordingly so that the US orders will be delivered from Supplier A and UK orders will be delivered by Supplier B.

Advanced Mapping