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You will learn why some of your orders are in the Pending tab and how to handle those orders in this article.
If you have orders under the Canceled tabs, you can place bulk orders, fulfill orders manually and more.
Place part of an order
There are some special cases when you want to fulfill part of an order yourself. DSers can help you with it by letting you manually fulfill part of the order you don’t want to process.
Pay an order on AliExpress
The guide shows how to pay an order you successfully used DSers to place to AliExpress. Also, it illustrates what will happen after the payment.
Fulfill orders manually on DSers
In case there are some orders you don’t want to process with DSers, or for other reasons, you can manually fulfill those orders on DSers. We have made the process very simple for you!
Fulfill orders manually on Wix
You can manually fulfill orders that you want to ship by yourself rather than being directly shipped from AliExpress suppliers on Wix when they are completed
Track your orders
DSers has developed a feature to help you track your orders. You can check your order tracking information directly in DSers now!
Synchronize your Wix orders
DSers synchronization system helps you synchronize your store orders status when you need to quickly synchronize the status because of an urgent order
Edit an order
The post shows how you can change the AliExpress supplier of an order after receiving it from Wix before placing this order to AliExpress
Order status not changing
DSers will automatically synchronize the order status and information between Wix, DSers and AliExpress, but sometimes synchronizations among them are not instantaneous
Orders to Korea specifications
All the orders to Korea must contain a 10 or 11-digits phone number starting with 01 or 1. In addition, the Personal Clearance ID is required for orders to Korea
Send images to suppliers
Adding an image as a message to your suppliers can come in handy sometimes. Read the post to learn how to send the amages manually.
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