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Add an alternative supplier to a product

Basic Mapping allows you to add an alternative supplier to one product when necessary.

For example, when your default supplier is out of stock or put offline, you won’t be able to fulfill your orders. You can add a substitute supplier to the product to avoid that.

How to add one substitute supplier to a product

  1. Log in to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
  2. Select the AliExpress tab in the Navigator Bar.
  3. Hover on the Product Card to click the button dsers-mapping-button (or the icon dsers-mapping-icon ).
  4. Under the Basic (Basic Mapping) tab, paste a new product URL🛈 in the Alternate Products search bar and click on IMPORT. The new AliExpress product will appear in the Add products (Alternate Products) column.
  5. Click dsers-wrench at the lower right side of the newly imported product image.
  6. In the Pop-up, select dsers-radio-button-unchecked Second option and click CONFIRM.
  7. In the Substitute Ali Product column, click Select Option (Select Attribute) and Select Variant (Select Variation) to map the supplier’s options (attributes) and variants (variations) corresponding to your product’s options (attributes) and variants (variations).
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. 💡 TIP(Not available for WooCommerce version)

    If you want to exchange your default supplier and sub-supplier for whatever reasons, just click the button dsers-exchange between the two suppliers’ columns and the position of the two suppliers will exchange.

Now the substitute product will be used in case the main product is unavailable.

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