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Meet postal code requirements

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Due to supplier ordering regulations, the buyer’s contact information must contain the postal code and meet the corresponding formats. So you need to make sure that your customer’s information is right before you place orders.

Check below the postal code rules and how to meet them in case you need.

Postal code requirements for specific countries


Postal code requirements

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, 

Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia

a 4-digit zip code, such as 1234

Korea, Spain, Ukraine, United States, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia(Slovak Republic)

a 5-digit zip code, such as 12345

Russian Federation, Singapore

a 6-digit zip code, such as 123456

Chile, Israel

a 7-digit zip code, such as 1234567


a zip code start with 2, such as 234567


a zip code in suggested format, such as 13165-000


a 6-digit zip code, such as A1B2C3


a zip code in suggested format, such as 1234AB


For international delivery, zip code with 7 digits is required. You may confirm with your local post office on this if needed.

Saudi Arabia

a zip code in suggested format, such as 12345-1234

United Kingdom

a zip code In suggested format, such as WC1B 3DG


a 4-digit zip code, such as 1234

The rest countries

Please enter characters between 1 - 16 with Latin letters, numbers, spaces, hyphens only.

How to meet postal code requirements for specific countries

  1. Login to DSers > Open Orders.
  2. Access the Awaiting order tab.
  3. Click Customer Detail dsers-arrow-dropdown on the Order Card of the order for which you want to check the postal code and locate the Post code field.
  4. Check if the field is filled in correctly and modify it according to the AliExpress postal code requirements.
  5. Click SAVE.

To learn more about order requirements for specific countries, check this article.

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