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Roles in agency dropshipping model

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DSers has introduced the Agency Management Solution, a powerful tool aimed at streamlining the workflow of dropshippers who also collaborate with off-platform suppliers/agencies. Learn more about DSers Agency Management Solution.

To use DSers Agency Management Solution effectively, it's essential to understand the roles involved in the process and how data is transferred among them to fulfill an order.


Dropshipper (You)



Product management

Map products with the agency

Sync mapped products to agencies (suppliers)

Set up product prices and shipping costs

Learn how to map a product with an agency

Order management

Batch place and pay for orders

Push the paid orders to agency's ERP system under the awaiting shipment tab

Ask warehouses to ship the order and upload tracking numbers to agency's ERP

Learn how to process an agency order

*It generally takes 5 hours due to the limitation of the ERP system.

Order fulfillment


Sync tracking numbers automatically to DSers & push them to stores to fulfill the order


If you have any questions while using the Agency Management Solution, please contact us at

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