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Why I should not request fulfillment on Shopify

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The Request Fulfillment feature on Shopify is designed only for specific cases. When you use DSers, you should not use it, as it may cause order errors.

In case you have requested fulfillment on Shopify, refer to this article to learn how to fix it.

What happens when I request fulfillment on Shopify

If you request fulfillment for an order in Shopify, it will be marked as In Progress. This will force the status of the order to change to Pending on DSers. The issue is that Pending orders are not considered valid orders yet, and can’t be placed to AliExpress.

How DSers helps you optimize the issue

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Order.
  2. Scroll to the Order Management part.
  3. In the Request Fulfillment Cancelation section, turn on dsers-status-off to the right of dsers-fulfillment-service.

Once you turn this feature on, DSers will automatically decline the request on Shopify and inform you that you won’t be able to request fulfillment in DSers, so you can place them normally to your suppliers.

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