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Every time you receive an order in your Shopify store, DSers will automatically synchronize the order and corresponding products. However, you may also only need other physical or app locations to manage some products and orders.

If this is the case, you can take advantage of the Product fulfillment services management feature to disable the synchronization of products and orders that you don’t want to manage in DSers.

How to activate your wanted product fulfillment services

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > General Setting > Product.
  2. Locate the Product fulfillment service management part.
  3. Turn off dsers-status-on for fulfillment services that you don’t want.

Now, DSers won’t synchronize products and order information that you manage through the fulfillment services that you disable in DSers.

  1. For products that you import from Shopify manually, DSers will update the changes normally regardless of the product fulfillment services setting.
  2. If there is at least one variant of a product managed by an activated fulfillment service in DSers, both the product and new orders corresponding to it will be synchronized to DSers.
  3. If you deactivate a fulfillment service in DSers, new orders corresponding to the products managed through the service will not be synchronized to DSers.
  4. When you reactivate a deactivated fulfillment service in DSers, orders generated during the fulfillment service deactivation will no longer be synchronized to DSers.

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