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Fulfill orders automatically on DSers

After you pay for orders on AliExpress, DSers will help you take care of the rest to simplify your workflow to process orders.

How to fulfill orders automatically on DSers

Specifically, DSers will do the following things based on your settings:
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  1. For orders with completed payment on AliExpress, DSers will move them to the Awaiting shipment tab.
  2. 📕 NOTE

    The status may take some time to change, don’t worry about it. If you want to process it right away, try the AliExpress order sync feature to speed up the synchronization.

  3. When your supplier sends out the package, DSers will move your orders to the Awaiting fulfillment tab or the Fulfilled tab according to your Fulfillment settings on DSers.
  4. DSers will automatically mark the order as Fulfilled in your store and DSers. DSers will also automatically trigger your store to send an email to your customers with the tracking number with the Shipping Confirmation feature activated.

Now you understand how you can fulfill orders automatically on DSers.

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