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Send a tracking number manually

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In case you need to deliver your order by yourself or DSers cannot synchronize the tracking information to your store for whatever reasons, you can send a tracking number to your customers manually for both fulfilled and unfulfilled orders.

How to send a tracking number manually

Shopify WooCommerce Wix
  1. Login to Shopify > Orders.
  2. Click an order item to enter the order details page.
  3. Follow one step below to edit the tracking information.
    1. For an unfulfilled order, click Fulfill item to fill in the shipping information.
    2. For a fulfilled order without a tracking number, click Add tracking to add the tracking information.
    3. For a fulfilled order with a tracking number, click dsers-more and select Edit tracking.
  4. Fill in the Tracking number box, select the Shipping carrier accordingly, fill in the Tracking URL box and check dsers-check-box next to Send shipment details to your customer.
  5. Click Fulfill item (Save).

Shopify will send an email with the tracking information you just updated to your customer. Also, your Shopify order will be updated with the tracking number.

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