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Edit mapping for orders

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Whether it is because your supplier is not available or has zero stock, or because you want to replace the current supplier with a better one, you can edit the mapping for the order, here’s how you can do it before placing this order to your supplier.

How to edit mapping for an order

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Access the Awaiting order/Canceled/Failed orders tab.
  3. Click dsers-arrow-more and click Edit on the Order Card of the order for which you want to modify the mapping.
  4. Select a supplier from the Supplier selector.
  5. In the supplier product Search box, enter a supplier URL and click dsers-ok-button.
  6. In the variants list that appear, select your desired variant.
  7. Click Shipping method dsers-arrow-dropdown and choose the shipping method you prefer and click CONFIRM.
  8. Click SAVE.

Now, you can place the order like you normally would.

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