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In case your supplier has changed SKUs or their inventory is out of stock, you need to turn on the Notification feature to get notified about the changes. To display up-to-date product information in your store, you can activate the inventory auto-update to avoid manually changing your product status.

How to set up inventory auto-update

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Sales channel Setting > Synchronize to store.
  2. Find the Automatic Inventory Update part.
  3. Decide what to do when your supplier changes products.
    1. For a product out of stock or no longer available, choose to Do nothing, Set as draft or Set quantity to zero on store.
    2. For a variant out of stock or no longer available, choose to Do nothing, Remove Variant or Set quantity to zero on store.

    Please note that Wix and Jumpseller do not support removing variants. DSers will do nothing even if you choose the Remove Variant option.

    1. For a product whose inventory changes, choose to Do nothing or Update to store Automatically.
  4. Click SAVE once done with the settings.

The updates won’t be applied to multi-supplier products like Advanced, BOGO or Bundle mapping.

Now, when your supplier adjusts product SKUs or inventory, DSers will help you update the changes to your store automatically according to your settings.

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