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At 12th, May, 2022, DSers and Oberlo officially luanched the Oberlo-to-DSers migration tool to help Oberlo users smoothly migrate data and upgrade their dropshipping experience with DSers. In the following 2 months, most Oberlo merchants have successfully migrated all data in Oberlo to DSers seamlessly.

Currently, Oberlo app is unavailable therefore you're unable to migrate data from Oberlo any more.

About DSers

DSers is an automatic dropshipping tool for Shopify merchants, a trusted partner of Shopify as well as an official partner of AliExpress. Since 2018, DSers has reached nearly 1M installations, successfully delivering 150M+ dropshipping orders, and winning 10,000+ positive user reviews on the Shopify app store.

Check here to learn more about DSers plans&pricing.

If you have any questions about DSers after the migration from Oberlo, please check DSers Help Center or contact DSers 7/24 Customer Service team.

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