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Things You Need to Know about the Migration from Oberlo to DSers

Oberlo & DSers

“Ready for an improved dropshipping experience? Use our migration tool to move from Oberlo to our trusted partner, DSers, in a matter of minutes. ”

- Oberlo · 12th, May 2022

As the preferred Oberlo alternative, DSers will continue helping you grow your online business on Shopify. After several months of ongoing effort on the migration integration, you’re now able to migrate all your data in Oberlo to DSers with one-click approaches. It’s officially verified by Oberlo and risk-free! Go to Oberlo and start migration today!

Meet DSers

DSers is an automatic dropshipping tool for Shopify merchants, a trusted partner of Shopify as well as an official partner of AliExpress. Since 2018, DSers has reached nearly 1M installations, successfully delivering 150M+ dropshipping orders, and winning 6000+ positive user reviews on the Shopify app store.

You may wonder, “Can I manage my business as usual after migrating from Oberlo to DSers?”

YES! For whatever features you’re using in Oberlo, you can find them in DSers and even more functions like multiple store management, which no one else has.

Let’s explore some key features for dropshipping on Shopify. Click on any feature listed below to learn how the feature works differently in Oberlo and DSers.


What can you do with it?

Multiple store management

Manage multiple Shopify stores in one DSers account

Import list

Import products from AliExpress to your stores via link or DSers Chrome Extension

Pricing rule

Apply pricing templates to your products storewide for higher profits when publishing to stores


Multiple ways to manage supplier variants mapping based on multi-AliExpress listings, multi-warehouses, and upsell products management, to help you save money and earn more

Shipping method

Smartly pre-select shipping methods based on your needs

Bulk orders

Place 100s orders in bulk in seconds with a few clicks

Auto address fix

Automatically optimize customer address to save time


Sync product inventory & prices from AliExpress;

Auto-update inventory & price changes to Shopify;

Sync order status & tracking numbers from Shopify and AliExpress


Automatically send messages to AliExpress sellers together with order information

Shipping confirmation

Easily turn on/off the trigger to Shopify shipping confirmation email and set up tracking information

More features

More useful features for you to explore after migration

At the same time, your Oberlo plan will be migrated to DSers as well. So you can use the same features as you did with Oberlo in DSers after activating the corresponding subscription as shown below, or use more advanced features by upgrading your plan. Compare plans and learn more details. You will see what plan you are supposed to activate on DSers based on your current Oberlo plan after migration.

Oberlo Plan

DSers Plan


Custom Basic





Migration Steps

In just a few clicks, you will transfer your data from Oberlo to DSers through the migration tool. Are you ready to start the migration?

Let’s see what you should prepare before starting the migration and what you need to do when processing. Click on any Stage item to learn more about the migration process.



What should you prepare before the migration?

Migration preparation

How to start the migration?

Migration access

Set up data reference in case of data conflicts

Data reference

How long will it take to start the migration after setting up? 

Queue for processing

How does the migration work?

Migration is processing

What will happen after the migration?

After migration

Possible issues that you may encounter during migration

Fix issues

Feel free to contact DSers Customer Service team to answer your questions or for help!

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