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Set your Basic pricing rule

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Basic pricing rule feature allows you to use a fixed number to add to or multiply by the product cost and set the result as the product selling price. You can take advantage of the feature to automate the pricing for your products.

How to set your Basic pricing rule

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Sales channel Setting > Pricing Rule.
  2. In the Pricing Templates part, turn on dsers-status-off to the right of the store for which you want to activate the Pricing Rule.
  3. Click dsers-radio-button-unchecked in front of "Basic pricing rule.
  4. For Price (Sale price), click dsers-arrow-dropdown in the Symbol selector and select dsers-multiply or dsers-add.
  5. Enter the number you desire in the next Input box.
  6. (Optional) Turn on dsers-status-off to the right of "Set your compared at pricing rules" and apply the rule to Compared at Price (Regular price) with the same steps as you do with Price (Sale price).
  7. Click SAVE.

With the Basic pricing rule applied, you can also set Currency and Assign cents as needed.

How Basic pricing rule works with Currency and Assign cents

Assuming your product cost is $10, your store currency is CNY and the current exchange rate is 1USD=6.5CNY, then how much is your product price?




Assign cents




(10USD + 20USD)× 6.5CNY/USD=195CNY




× 2

(10USD×2)× 6.5CNY/USD=130CNY



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