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Set up suppliers for BOGO offers

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Buy One Get One (BOGO) is a very useful mapping method if you want to create special deals and discounts for your customers depending on how many products the customer purchases from you.

Furthermore, you are not limited to setting Buy 1 Get 1 only on DSers, you can set up the offers the way you want such as Buy 3 Get 2, Buy 5 Get 4, or even Buy Product A from a Supplier Get Product B from a different supplier.

You can map up to 2 supplier products for each variant of your offer. So if your product has 10 variants, you can set mapping for it with up to 20 different supplier products.

How to create a BOGO offer in your store

Take an example of a product with 3 variants: Buy 1, Buy 2 Get 1, Buy 2 Get another bag for free. All the products are identical.
Shopify WooCommerce
  1. Login to Shopify > Products.
  2. Click on Add product on the upper right.
  3. Give a BOGO title to your product and set up Description, Media, Pricing, Inventory, Shipping and Options.
  4. Once done, don't forget to Save.

How to set up suppliers for BOGO offers on DSers

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
  3. Search for your BOGO product and click dsers-import-product to import it to DSers. The icon will turn to a green tick dsers-green-tick once the product is successfully imported.
  4. Access the Unmapped product tab and hover on the Product Card of the product and click dsers-mapping-button to access the Supplier Management card and select Marketplaces.
  5. lick the BOGO tab and turn on dsers-status-off to activate the BOGO mapping.
  6. For the Buy 1 variant, click on Import supplier & Select variant.
  7. In the Pop-up, select a supplier and then copy and paste the URL of your supplier product in the Search box and click dsers-ok-button.
  8. Select the variant of the product you desire and click SUBMIT.
  9. For the Buy 2 get 1 variant, import the product in the same way you do with the Buy 1 variant and be sure to set the quantity as 3.
  10. For the Buy 2 get another bag for free variant, follow the same steps for the Buy 1 variant to import the main product and set the quantity to 2. Then import another product to the Gift Product column and set the quantity to 1.
  11. You can turn on dsers-status-off in the BUY and GET columns to auto-copy the first variant mapping to other variants.

  12. Don't forget to SAVE your BOGO mapping!

Example of BOGO

There are many kinds of BOGO offers you can create, you can find some ideas below.

Example of BOGO order

The orders for BOGO will appear slightly different compared to other orders, here is an example.

You can see the main product on the top, and the "gift" under it.

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