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My Products

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My Products is a powerful feature in DSers that enables you to check, delete, hide and replace products with ease.

Additionally, you can connect suppliers to products and even create BOGO or Bundle offers to promote sales. Explore the feature with the following content.

What is the source of products

The products will appear on the My Products page when:
  • You push or publish products to your stores from Import List.
  • A customer place an order for whatever products in your store.
  • You manually import products from your stores.
  • How to use My Products

    The main features of My Products divide into three parts: Search, Import and Mapping.

    Search for products

    There is a search box that allows you to locate your wanted product by product keywords or full names quickly.
    1. Login to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
    2. Click dsers-search-grey Search Product to the right of My Products.
    3. In the expanded box, enter the product keyword or name that you want to search for and click dsers-ok-button.

    Import products

    In the situation where you want DSers to help you manage products, you can import products from your stores to My Products.

    Map products

    You can also map your products with third-party suppliers and manufacturers and so on. Furthermore, DSers supports you to implement upsell through creating BOGO or Bundle products.

    More available features

    In addition to the features described above, there are some other useful features for which you may have the need.


    What you can do with it 

    Hide/Unhide a product

    Hide the product for which you don’t want to process orders with DSers.

    Replace product

    Replace the product you pushed to your store without changing the product URL in your store.

    Delete a product

    Remove products that you no longer need to manage in DSers.

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