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What is DSers

DSers is a professional e-Commerce app dedicated to simplifying and automating your dropshipping business. It helps both online and offline merchants manage products, suppliers and orders with less effort and cost.


To learn about what you can do with DSers to help with your dropshipping, take a general look at the advantages of DSers as follows:

  • Easy and quick winning products sourcing
    DSers supports you to look for thousands of products from multiple channels in-app. Currently, you can import products in a variety of categories from AliExpress and Tmall with a few clicks. What’s more, DSers conducts a strict product selection process to control product quality.
  • Multiple-store management in one place
    With just one DSers account, you can manage all your dropshipping stores or businesses. Specifically, if you are running online businesses with Shopify, Woo, or Wix stores or even offline ones through CSV sheets, you have the option to connect all stores or import products (orders) to one single DSers account. As a result, you improve business efficiency and reduce management costs.
  • Streamlined orders processing workflow
    It takes a lot of time to process multiple orders one by one. DSers enables you to place orders and pay for them in batches in seconds, which does save you a lot of time and energy. In addition, DSers order status and tracking numbers auto sync keeps you away from manual work.
  • Customer service around the clock
    DSers offers 24/7 live customer service to give support immediately for you. Don’t hesitate to turn to DSers for assistance if you are having issues with DSers or problems with products, suppliers and orders.
  • To make the most of DSers, check the main features of DSers.

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