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Order status-Failed orders

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Orders with errors or restrictions will be shown under Failed orders tab. Deal with the errors and you can order those orders again.

Here is how you can process the failed orders.



Add flags

You want to locate your wanted orders quickly.

Place orders (in bulk)

Your want to reorder failed orders.   

Fulfill your orders manually

You want to fulfill one order or part of one order.

Edit Customer Detail

The customer contact information of your order has some errors such as incorrect format. 

Edit mapping for orders

Your items in orders have no suppliers connected.

Send specific messages to suppliers

You need to make unique requests about every single order.

Edit mapping for products

You want to change the mapping for your product, which will affect all orders of the product.

Choose the shipping method

There is no shipping method applied to your order.

Edit the Order Number

You need to add the number manually.

Add notes

You want to inform your suppliers of some information about your specific orders. 

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