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Failed orders

Orders with errors or restrictions will be shown here. Deal with the errors and you can bulk order the Failed orders again.

Here shows how you can process the Failed orders.

Place orders (in bulk)

You can place orders to AliExpress separately or in bulk.

Fulfill your orders manually

You may fulfill your orders manually if you want to give up the current order and place another new one.

Edit Customer Detail

You will need to edit Customer Detail when the customer’s information is not correct.

Step1: Click on the Customer Detail on the upper right of your order card.

Step 2: Check and modify your customer’s information and then click SAVE.

Edit mapping

You need to map or remap the items not connected to any suppliers or connected to wrong suppliers in your orders with AliExpress suppliers before you place orders again to AliExpress.

NOTE: The mapping will be applied to all the orders for the product that have not been placed to AliExpress.

Edit Action

You can leave a specific message to your AliExpress suppliers by accessing the Action menu.

If your order failed to connect to an AliExpress supplier or you want to change the current supplier to place it again, you can edit the order by clicking on Edit as below.

Choose the shipping method

You need to edit the shipping method when not a shipping method applied or the current one not available for your order.

Edit AliExpress Order Number

You can edit the Ali Order Number for your Failed orders.

Add notes

It is available for you to add special notes to your orders.

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