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Auto address fix

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Different rules are applied to Shopify and AliExpress address lists which cause conflict when you place Shopify orders to AliExpress. As the connection between the two platforms, DSers provides automated solutions to fix the conflict between them to ensure that you don’t need to take care of it manually.

How the Auto address fix feature works

The solution mainly focuses on fixing the conflict of customer information which you can find below.



Fix country conflict

The country list on Shopify and AliExpress can be different. For example, XX is regarded as a country on Shopify but a state of another country on AliExpress. 

DSers finds out the differences and automatically fixes the conflict to make sure it will not cause a failure when ordering. 

Fix province/city issue

On Shopify, most countries do not have a field for State/ Province while it is a must-have when processing orders to AliExpress, and the city field needs to be filled in manually by customers which may cause mismatching.

DSers takes full advantage of the flexibility of AliExpress address to make the order processed automatically to avoid you from manually fixing them one by one. 

Fix special characters and format that AliExpress does not accept

DSers automatically modifies character format to make AliExpress API recognize every information of your customers.

For example, if your customer has input 5-29-18, with the Auto fix solution, it will be replaced by 5-29-18.  

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