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Manage your product fulfillment services

It is likely that you use multiple locations to sell products, process and fulfill orders in your Shopify stores and DSers will help you synchronize all products and orders from Shopify.

In case you want to deal with some products and orders in other places, you can use the Product fulfillment services management feature to decide which fulfillment services you want. Therefore, DSers will only help you synchronize corresponding orders and products from Shopify.

How to activate your wanted product fulfillment services

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Product.
  2. In the Product section, scroll to the Product fulfillment service management part.
  3. Turn off dsers-status-on for fulfillment services that you don’t want.

Now, DSers won’t synchronize products and order information that you manage through the fulfillment services that you disable in DSers.


For products that you import from Shopify manually, DSers will update the changes from your store normally regardless of the product fulfillment services setting.

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