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Why I can't save mapping for products

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Sometimes, you may be unable to save the mapping for your products. Here are several reasons for that issue and corresponding solutions.

Reason 1: Part of Basic mapping gets lost due to some reasons

For situations like changes to your Shopify product SKUs or product SKU information updated by your suppliers, part of the mapping of product options will be missing from the Basic mapping Tab in DSers Open Orders.

If you have not completed the mapping for that product in Basic mapping and try to do other advanced mapping methods than Basic and click "Save", you will fail to save the mapping and see an error message: "The reason you cannot save is In Basic mapping, you need to select the corresponding variant, otherwise the mapping cannot be saved. To fix the issue, you need to re-map the part facing issues, or delete the mapping with problems."

Reason 2: Basic mapping that has not been finished or has repeated options

If you haven't finished mapping for all options or mapped duplicate options in Basic mapping and click the "Save" button, you will fail to save your changes and see the same error message as the one in the Reason 1 part.


1. You can remove the product mapping from the Basic mapping tab.
2. You can map at least one variant in Basic mapping and save it.

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