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According to European Union VAT regulations, all goods imported to EU countries from outside of the region will be subject to VAT.

For an order shipped to France lower than 150 Euros, AliExpress will help you deal with the taxes. While for an order sent to France that exceeds 150 Euros, you must handle the taxes by yourself.

How to meet tax requirements for orders to France

As AliExpress requires that the VAT ID and company name be included in the buyer’s information, you must register for a business buyer account and fill in those two fields.

DSers enables you to pre-set the VAT ID and company name and they will be synchronized to AliExpress automatically when placing orders. Learn easy steps below.
  1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Supplier Setting > Order.
  2. Scroll to the Tax section.
  3. In the VAT part, fill in the first box with your VAT ID number and the second box with your company name.
  4. Click SAVE.

You can contact the supplier to process the order that exceeds 150 Euros offline if don't want to register as a business buyer or split your order into multiple ones where each single order costs (less than) 150 Euros.

For more information about order requirements for certain countries, you can check this article.

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