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Orders failure reasons

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If you have Failed orders, you can check below to learn why you fail to place the orders and how to solve your order issues.






The supplier changed the product SKUs or SKU information.

Remap the product or match the order with updated variants of the current product URL.

Learn how to change the product mapping or change the order mapping.


The product is unavailable on AliExpress.

Remap the product or match the order with a new product URL.


The product is out of stock.


The product can't be shipped to the destination country.


The product can't be shipped to the selected region due to weight/size issues. 

Edit the shipping method.

Learn how to add or change the shipping method.


No shipping method was selected.


The product is under certain restrictions from purchasing on AliExpress.

Get in touch with your AliExpress supplier for detailed information.

Login to AliExpress and get in touch with your AliExpress supplier to solve the problem and reorder it.


The order has more than 50 SKUs. 

(For Shopify only)

Split the order into multiple ones with less than 50 SKUs each.

*Please note that the total shipping cost may change as you split the order.

Place part of the order that includes no more than 50 SKUs and roll back the other part of the order to place it.


Your link to AliExpress has expired. (AliExpress clears the database of the account on its whitelist every 3 or 4 months to get rid of inactive users.)

Re-link your DSers account to AliExpress.

Click Link to AliExpress, and everything will be back to normal.


Incorrect or missing Customer Detail.

Correct the customer contact information according to requirements for specific countries.

Check the list to learn which countries you should meet the order requirements for due to AliExpress regulations or customs clearance rules.

Now that you have solved the order issues, hope you can place orders again successfully!

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