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Apply multiple suppliers to a product

For Basic Mapping users, when your product is mapped with only one supplier, you may find that it doesn't sell some variants you really want or you find a new supplier selling one of the variants for a cheaper price. In these situations, you can connect a second supplier to add or replace some variants.

How to apply multiple suppliers to a product

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
  2. Select the AliExpress tab in the Navigator Bar.
  3. Hover on the Product Card to click the dsers-mapping-button button (or the dsers-mapping-icon icon).
  4. Under the Basic (Basic Mapping) tab, paste a product URL in the Alternate Products search bar and click on IMPORT. The AliExpress product will appear in the Add products (Alternate Products) column.
  5. 📕 NOTE

    The URL must be an AliExpress product URL, like

  6. Click dsers-wrench at the lower right side of the newly imported product image.
  7. Select dsers-radio-button-uncheckedSecond option and click CONFIRM.
  8. (Optional)In the Default Ali Product column, hover on dsers-arrow-dropdown of the variant(variation) for which you want to replace with the substitute supplier and click dsers-cancel to delete the variant mapping.
  9. In the Substitute Ali Product column, click Select Variant(Select Variation) to map the unmapped product’s variants(variations).
  10. Once done, click SAVE.

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