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Map the product with an agency

DSers simplifies the process to place an order to your dropshipping agencies. You can do the mapping with an agency in My Products.

Before you begin, you may want to know how to add an agency to DSers.

Connect the agency with an unmapped product
  1. Login to DSers, and locate my products My Products.
  2. Click ">" in the Navigator Bar and select the Unmapped products tab.
  3. Hover on the Product Card and click dsers-mapping button to open Supplier Management.
  4. Select "Agency".
  5. Turn on the status dsers-status offand select the agency for each variant in the Agency Namedsers-arrow dropdown column.
  6. 💡 TIP

    You can click Agency Name dsers-arrow dropdown to choose an agency from the drop-down menu and then click APPLY ALL VARIANT to apply the agency to all variants of the product at once.

  7. Click SAVE.

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