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DSers Chrome extension enables you to enjoy more useful features with an existing DSers account. You can install the extension to make the most of DSers to help with your dropshipping business.

How to install the DSers Chrome extension

  1. Login to Chrome, and open Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search DSers in the Search Box and click DSers - Product Importer or just click here to reach the DSers extension page.
  3. Click Add to Chrome in the same line of the DSers extension name.
  4. In the Pop-up, click Add extension.

You can click the Pin icon to make sure the extension always shows up in the Extensions bar.

How to use the DSers Chrome extension

Once installed, you can learn how to use the extension below.
Feature Description Benefit
Import products You can import products when browsing the AliExpress website. It helps you quickly import AliExpress products to the DSers Import List with one click on the AliExpress product page.
Synchronize AliExpress data You can manually synchronize order status and tracking numbers from AliExpress. It allows you to speed up the data synchronization between DSers and AliExpress.
Place orders to AliExpress You can place orders to AliExpress with the received coupons applied.
*If you place orders via API, the AliExpress coupons won’t be applied automatically.
You can get discounts when you place orders to AliExpress if you have received coupons.
Migrate product data You can migrate product details and mapping data from other dropshipping tools like Dropified. This frees you from re-editing product details and re-mapping for the migrated products.

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