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Import products from AliExpress

DSers allows you to import products in multiple ways. Check this article to learn other methods.
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If you want to source products from AliExpress, you can use either method below to import products from AliExpress.

How to import products from AliExpress

Method 1: Import by AliExpress product URL

  1. Copy the URL in the Address bar on the AliExpress product details page.
  2. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List.
  3. Click dsers-search-grey Import of Search.
  4. Paste the URL in the Search box and click dsers-ok-button.

If successful, you will see the product appear in Import List.

Method 2: Import by DSers Chrome extension

Before you begin, make sure that you have installed the DSers Chrome extension in your Chrome browser.
  1. Login to AliExpress.
  2. Click dsers-add-to-dsers on the product details page or click dsers-add-to-dsers on the product card on the product category page.
  3. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List to check your newly imported product.

In case you want to import products with product cost for a specific country, check here for more details.

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