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Use time zone filter

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The time zone filter is a kind of filter you can use if you want to check orders according to another country's time zone. It can be useful in case you are based in a country or travel to another country where the time zone is different from what is used for the main DSers account.

How the time zone filter works

DSers time zone filter defaults to the time zone that is used on your browser. Because of this, the time of the creation for the same order you and your employer see will be different if you are based in different time zones.

For example, if your employer is in New York and uses the New York time zone (GMT -5), then an order placed at 7 pm (19:00) will appear as placed at 5 pm (17:00) if you are in Los Angeles (GMT -7) as there is a 2-hour time difference.

In this case, if you are asked to process the orders of a specific day based on the New York time zone, you can change the time zone from Los Angeles (GMT -7) to New York(GMT -5) accordingly with the time zone filter.

How to use the filter to find orders

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Click on dsers-filter Filter on the top right of the page.
  3. In the side Pop-up, find the Time Zone section and click dsers-radio-button-unchecked to the left of the time zone you desire.
  4. Click CONFIRM.

Now you have the same time zone as that of the account you want to keep consistent with. You can process the orders within a specified time range.

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