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Getting started with DSers

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DSers helps you dropship from start to finish with its general and advanced features. To make your dropshipping business more efficient and attractive, check the steps below to walk through the dropshipping process.

How to install DSers

In order to dropship with DSers, you need to follow the steps below to install DSers.
# Step Description Article
1 Link your stores You can either install DSers in your store or link your store to DSers to manage your products and orders.

If you want to link multiple stores to one DSers account, check this guide.

Link your Shopify store
Link your WooCommerce store
Link your Wix store
Link your Jumpseller store
Link your TikTok shop

If you are managing products and orders with CSV files, you can learn how to use the DSers CSV bulk Order feature to help with your dropshipping business.

2 Choose your plan You need to select a plan to decide which features and services you can access. Choose your plan
3 Connect your supplier account You must connect an AliExpress account to use DSers normally. Link your AliExpress account

How DSers simplifies your dropshipping process

DSers reduces your workload by simplifying those highlighted processes below that you must do to fulfill your orders with eCommerce platforms and with suppliers, like AliExpress and Tmall.
# Steps Your store You Supplier
1 Add a product to your store
  • 2 Customize the product
  • 3 Push the product to your store
  • 4 Map the product with a supplier
  • 5 Receive an order from your customer
  • 6 Confirm the order and the payment
  • 7 Place the same order to your supplier
  • 8 Ship the order to your customer
  • 9 Synchronize the tracking numbers from your supplier to DSers to your store
  • 10 Send an order status email to your customer
  • Learn simplified steps and details

    Step 1: Find products within DSers

    The first thing is to determine what products to sell and what customers to engage with. DSers has partnered with AliExpress and Tmall that allow you to find trending products in a few minutes and clicks, which saves you plenty of time in finding suppliers.

    Step 2: Customize & push products to your store

    If you have special needs for your products, you can edit product details, such as product titles, variants, product prices, descriptions and images to personalize them.

    After that, you can push or publish them to your store and wait for customers to place an order.

    Step 3: Map your online products

    You need to map suppliers to your pushed or published products in My Products for ordering success. With DSers variant mapping feature, you can not only connect default and alternative suppliers to optimize variants or costs but also create BOGO or Bundle offers to promote upsell.

    Step 4: Process orders individually or in bulk

    Once you receive orders from your stores, DSers will synchronize them to Open Orders. You can place a single order or multiple ones to your linked suppliers and then pay for them. If successful, DSers will help you do the rest of the work.

    Step 5: Fulfill & track orders automatically

    After tracking numbers get generated, DSers will help you synchronize them to your store and fulfill your orders in your store and DSers automatically. To get your customers notified about their order tracking status without manual work, you can activate the shipping confirmation feature.

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