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In case you want to trace your orders that have been paid on AliExpress, you need to be on a paid plan to enjoy the Tracking feature in DSers.

Here shows you how to track your orders.

How to track your orders in DSers


To activate the Tracking feature, be sure to go to dsers-settings Settings > Package Tracking and access the Tracking part to turn on dsers-status-off to the right of your wanted store.

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-tracking Tracking.
  2. Access each tracking status tab to check order tracking details.
  3. 💡 TIP

    To find orders quickly, you can:

    1. Click dsers-search-grey Search Order to find your order by Order No, Email, Tracking No.
    2. Click dsers-filter Filter to filter your order by fulfillment status, date and time zone.
  4. (Optional) To check the latest tracking status of an order:
    1. Click on the number next to "Tracking No:" on the Order Tracking Card of the order you want to check.
    2. In the Pop-up, click Retrack.
  5. (Optional) To change the tracking status of an order manually:
    1. Click on the number next to "Tracking No:" on the Order Tracking Card of the order for which you want to change the tracking status.
    2. In the Pop-up, click on the "Set tracking status manually" selector to choose a tracking status.
    📕 NOTE

    Please pay attention that once you manually change the tracking status, DSers won't track your order anymore. If you want DSers to update your tracking information again, please click Retrack.

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