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Confirmation email not received

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When you are using DSers, sometimes the app will send you a confirmation email. It could happen when you forget your password or in other cases.

The confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox to verify your email address. You may not receive this email due to different reasons, learn what they are and the corresponding solutions below.

Reasons why you don’t receive a confirmation email





Spam email

The email DSers sent you was considered as a spam email by your email service provider, please double-check your spam folder to try to locate it.


Sending Failure

The email sent to your address failed, please add to the address book of your email service.


Service Unavailable

Your email service is currently unreachable, please try to request the confirmation email again later.


Service Rejection

The email was rejected by your mail service provider. Please double-check the setting configuration of your mail service.


Email Address Error

The email address doesn't exist or is wrong, please double-check the spelling of the email you enter during the registration process.


Email Address Unavailable

The email address is no longer available, please use a different email to register again.


Domain Can't Be Verified 

The email domain can't be verified, please double-check the spelling of the email.


Too Many Stores

You have reached the maximum number of stores for this account, please delete some stores or upgrade your plan.

If you keep facing issues after trying the solutions above, please contact the Customer Service team to ask for help.

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