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Tracking statuses

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DSers Tracking feature allows you to check and track your orders. By placing orders under different tracking statuses, you can learn the whereabouts of your customer's package in real time.

An introduction to tracking statuses

Here list the types of package statuses on the Tracking page. Read below to understand what each status means.




Once you finish the payment for one order on AliExpress, the order will appear in the All tab.


Orders in the Pending tab means the tracking number of the order has been generated, but the courier hasn’t picked the package yet.

In transit

Orders in this tab means the courier has already picked up the package and it is in transit.

Pick up

Orders in the Pick up tab mean the package has arrived at the station and is waiting to be sorted.


It means the package has been successfully delivered.


If an order is in the Expired tab, it can be because the tracking number hasn’t been updated for a long time, the tracking information hasn't been uploaded, or the package was lost.


If an order didn’t get tracking numbers for more than 7 days after payment, the order will appear in the Attention tab. 

Also, if you manually change the order tracking status to Alert, Undelivered, or Unrecognized, the order will also be moved to the Attention tab.

Now that you know what each tracking status tab stands for, learn how to track your orders in DSers with this guide.

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