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Import products from Find Suppliers

DSers allows you to import products in multiple ways. Check this article to learn other methods.
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Find Suppliers is a main feature of DSers that helps you quickly find winning products by country of origin, category, price, date, or sales and directly import products with just one click. To ensure that you can see real-time data for products, DSers presents the latest products with high quality and products well-recognized by the market in Find Suppliers.

How to import products from Find Suppliers

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-find-suppliers Find Suppliers.
  2. Select the AliExpress tab or Tmall tab.
  3. Search products according to the type listed below:
    Type Step
    Keywords Enter product keywords in the Search box and clickok-button.
    Image Clickphoto cameraand click UPLOAD IMAGE in the Pop-up to upload an image and click OK.
    Category Clickcategory iconnext to the Search box and select the category you desire from the Drop-down menu.
    Featured category Click the Banner for the featured category you want.
    Country of origin Clickship from iconShip from at the left side of the Navigator Bar to select the country you desire.

  4. Hover the cursor on the Product Card of the product you want to import and click dsers-import-radio-button to import it.

Now you can go to Import List to check your newly imported products.

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