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It is up to you to dropship with DSers free of charge or as a paid user. The difference is that if you are on a paid plan rather than a free one, you will enjoy free features with fewer limits and have access to exclusive features.

DSers provides you with a 14-day trial for those paid features and services. Before you decide whether to be on a paid plan, you can take advantage of the trial to test and explore DSers.

This article introduces the types of plans available in DSers and guides you to pick your plan.
    1. The trial period starts on the date that you activate a paid plan but not the day when you sign up for DSers.
    2. 3 days before the end of your trial period, DSers will send an email to remind you that the trial period is about to end and be on a paid plan automatically. You can also change to a Basic plan.
This article introduces the types of plans available in DSers and guides you to pick your plan.

This article is for new DSers users. If you have been on a plan but want to upgrade or downgrade it according to your business need, please check here.

Types of available plans

DSers supports you to select from Basic plan to Advanced, Pro or Enterprise plans. You can check the features and services for each plan here.

How to choose your plan

After you install DSers, you will be redirected to the page to select your plan.
  1. Click Monthly or Yearly.
  2. Choose a plan.
    1. Basic: Click GET STARTED.
    2. Advanced/Pro/Enterprise: Click START FREE TRIAL and click Confirm in the Pop-up to verify the billing method and follow the on-screen instructions to finish subscription payment.

Your subscription bills will be recurring payments, which means that your subscription bills will be charged automatically every month or every year based on your selected plan.

Then you will be directed to link DSers to AliExpress.

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