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Add colored flags to distinguish orders

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Applying flags with various colors to the Order Cards card can help you better organize your orders on the Open Order page.

You can color the flags with different colors to show the varying importance of your orders.

How to add colored flags to your orders

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Hover on dsers-color-tag to the right of the order number on the Order Card and choose a colored flag you want to use.
  3. (Optional) If you want to change the flag color of your order, hover on the colored flag to choose another colored flag.

How to filter orders through flags

Depending on the flag color on the order card, you can filter the order you want to manage in Open Orders.
  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Click on dsers-filter Filter on the top right of the page.
  3. From the side Pop-up, find the Flags section and check dsers-check-box in front of the flag by which you want to filter your orders.
  4. Click CONFIRM.

Now, under each order status tab, you can only see the orders filtered by your wanted flags.

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