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Import product cost based on "Ship to" countries

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To enable you to better and quickly set product selling prices, DSers now supports you to import the AliExpress product cost for other destination countries in addition to the United States and to check shipping cost more conveniently.

Import and check the product cost for your destination country

This feature is only available for products that are imported via the DSers Chrome Extension.

To use the feature, be sure to install the latest version of DSers Chrome Extension.

  1. Login to AliExpress.
  2. Browse the website to locate your wanted product and click "Ship to/Language/Currency" on the Top Bar.
  3. Select a country you desire (take Brazil for example) from the Ship to drop-down menu and click Save.
  4. Click Add to DSers next to the AliExpress product image to import the product to DSers.
  5. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List.
  6. Check the product cost above "dsers-brazil Price for Brazil" on the Product Card of the newly imported product. (Or click dsers-brazil on the Product Card to check the Cost in the Variant tab in the Edit Product Detail card.)

Check the shipping cost

In addition to checking the shipping cost in the Shipping info tab, you can also modify Ship from, Ship to and shipping method to check it right where you price products.
  1. Login to DSers > dsers-import-list Import List.
  2. Click dsers-edit on the Product Card and access the Variants tab.
  3. Click dsers-arrow-dropdown to select a country that you want your product to ship from in the "Ship from" drop-down list.
  4. Click dsers-arrow-dropdown to select a country that you want your product to ship to in the "Ship to" drop-down list.
  5. Click the current Shipping method to select a shipping method.

Now you can check the corresponding shipping cost in the Shipping cost column.

Check below to learn how each field mentioned above displays.



Ship from

This section will not show in DSers If your supplier product does not support it. And the default country of origin is China, if not available, it will be replaced by the first option in the dropdown list.

Ship to

The default option is the same as the "Ship to" country you selected when you imported the AliExpress products.

Shipping method

The shipping method is set as AliExpress Standard Shipping by default, or the first drop-down option if that is not available. 

Then you can better set your selling prices accordingly.

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