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Why my orders are canceled in DSers

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Before your order fulfilled by suppliers, it may be canceled for many reasons. Sometimes, the order may be canceled by yourself in your store due to wrong order details or by mistake. On other occasions, you will doubt why your orders appear in the Canceled tab in DSers.

To troubleshoot problems with Canceled orders, you can check this article for reasons and solutions.

Why my orders appear in Canceled tab

Orders canceled on Shopify or by AliExpress/Tmall will be placed under the Canceled tab on the DSers Open Orders page.

Reason 1: You or your customer cancel the order

Once you or a customer cancel an order in your store or you cancel the order on AliExpress, it will be moved to the Canceled tab in DSers.

Solution: If the order is canceled in your store, you can no longer reorder it. If you cancel it from AliExpress, you can place it again. Check here for detailed steps.

Reason 2: AliExpress cancels the order

AliExpress may cancel your order due to overdue orders, incorrect order details, suspected fraudulent activities or frozen credit cards. And Tmall may cancel your order if you don't pay for it within 24 hours.

Solution: You can refer to this article to check the issues with your order and follow the tips to solve them. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Canceled Orders Optimization feature to avoid order issues with your customer’s name.

Reason 3: Suppliers cancel the order

Suppliers from AliExpress may cancel your order when they run out of stock or encounter technical issues.

Solution: You can work with your supplier to solve the problem. Or you can turn to AliExpress customer support for additional help.

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