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Billing store FAQs

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A valid billing store ensures that you can subscribe to DSers paid plans and have access to the corresponding features and services.

As there is a possibility that your billing store will be frozen and disconnected from DSers, it’s necessary to know what you can do to deal with related issues. This enables you to be charged subscription bills correctly while using DSers the way you want.

Q 1: Will I be charged if my billing store is frozen or deactivated?

You won’t be charged for the upcoming billing when your current billing cycle expires. However, you will lose access to features that are only available to paid plan users.

In this case, you can decide on a new billing store and make a monthly or annual subscription to continue to be on a paid plan and be eligible for those features.

Q 2: What happens to DSers subscription bills when my frozen billing store is activated again?

For the frozen store that has been reactivated and reauthorized by DSers, your previous subscription will be canceled automatically when you choose a new billing store.

As for the store that has been reactivated yet not been reauthorized by DSers, you won’t be able to cancel the subscription. You will be fully charged even if you downgrade your plan to the free Basic one during the billing cycle, which will result in incorrect charges. This may also cause repeated charges when you make a subscription with a new store.

For the two cases above, you can turn to the DSers Customer Support team for help.

Q 3: How will I be charged when my billing store has been disconnected from DSers?

When your billing store is disconnected from DSers, your selected paid plan will be canceled automatically. This means that you need to choose a billing store again to use those features provided by paid plans when your current subscription expires.

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