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Meet phone number requirements

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For orders shipped to some specific countries, there are some limitations on your customer's phone numbers. Check below to learn the phone number requirements based on countries and how to meet them in DSers when necessary.

Phone number requirements for specific countries

Orders shipped to the countries listed in the table below must meet the corresponding phone number requirements.


Phone number requirements

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

a 9-digit number starting with 5


a 9-digit number starting with 5 or a 10-digit number starting with 0

France, Portugal & Italy

a 9 or 10 digits number

Brazil & Japan

a 10 or 11 digits number


a 10 or 11 digits number starting with 01 or 1

For orders to Finland and Netherlands, check here to learn phone number rules for the two countries and how to deal with corresponding failed orders.

How to meet phone number requirements

In case you need to modify your customer's phone number, you can choose either method below to follow.

Method 1: Override the phone number

You can override the phone numbers of your customers to meet the related order requirements. Check here to learn the full steps.

Method 2: Manually change the phone number

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Click AliExpress to process orders placed to AliExpress.
  3. Under the Awaiting order tab, click on Customer Detaildsers-arrow dropdown at the upper right of the Order Card of the order for which you want to change the phone number.
  4. In the Tel box, enter a phone number that meets the phone number requirements for the destination country.
  5. Click SAVE.

Please make sure you have not activated the Override phone number feature so that your manual action is effective.

To learn more about order requirements for specific countries, check this article.

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