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If you are new to dropshipping or DSers, you may doubt how to process orders with DSers successfully. Or you need to place an order on behalf of your customer.

For those cases, you can follow the steps below to create a draft order.

How to create a draft order

Before you go to DSers to test orders, you need to create a draft order in your store.
Shopify WooCommerce Wix
  1. Login to Shopify > Orders.
  2. Click Create order at the top right of the Orders page.
  3. In the Products section, click Browse to choose your wanted product variants and click Add.
  4. In the Customer section, search for your added customer to add or click Create a new customer to add a new customer.
  5. Click Collect payment and click Mark as paid.
  6. In the Pop-up, click Create order.

Now you can go to the DSers Open Orders page and access the Awaiting order tab to check the draft order. Then, you can try to place it to your suppliers.

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