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Agency (supplier) management solution overview

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When you make up your mind to skip third-party platforms, such as AliExpress, to dropship products to consumers directly through an agency (supplier) , you may need an automation tool - DSers Agency management solution - for a more efficient agency dropshipping workflow.

To make the best of the Agency feature, it is necessary to learn agency basics, benefits, limits, and process.

Agency dropshipping basics

Before you go through the agency dropshipping process, be sure to understand the main concepts about the business model.


What you will learn

What is an agency?

The definition, its pros, cons and agency dropshipping process.

What is an ERP?

The definition, its roles and benefits.

About Agency Management solution

DSers Agency Management solution provides you with a set of tools that can automate and simplify your agency dropshipping workflow.

Through the integration with ERP, DSers allows you to keep away from CSV files. Check here for more details about how DSers streamlines your workflow.

Explore features

Now that you know how the DSers Agency Management solution works, check below what you need to set up to enjoy the benefits.


What can you do with it

Map the product with an agency

Determine which agencies you want to set up for your products.

Change the agency for a product

Change the agency for your mapped products when necessary.

Replace AliExpress/Tmall supplier with an agency

Change your product supplier of a third-party platform to an agency.

Process Agency orders

Automate your agency order processing.

Process agency orders when your agencies don't use an ERP/Dianxiaomi

Reduce your manual work throughout the dropshipping process.

If you have any questions while using the Agency features, please contact the DSers Customer service team.

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