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Send images to suppliers

Adding an image as a message to your suppliers can come in handy sometimes. It can be easier for your customers to customize the product or to better demonstrate their requirements.

To send the image, you will need to get your image link from an online picture repository site. Take Imgur as an example.

How to send images to suppliers with DSers

You can follow the 2-step guide as follows to learn how to send images to your suppliers.

Step 1: Copy the image URL

  1. Sign up for or log in to your Imgur account.
  2. Click your Account Name and select Images from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Add Images.
  4. Drag and drop an image, click Browse to open an image or copy and paste an image URL in the Paste Image or URL box to upload the image.
  5. Click on the image you upload.
  6. In the Pop-up, click Copy to copy the Direct Link.

Step 2: Paste the image URL

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Hit dsers-more and then click Message on the Product Card of the order for which you want to send the image to your supplier.
  3. Paste the Direct Link from Imgur you just copied to the Message box.
  4. Click SAVE.

A message with the image Direct Link will be sent to your supplier along with the order.

Shopify/Wix: You can activate the Synchronize Shopify order notes feature in DSers and ask your customers to upload the pictures and paste the Direct Link to Shopify/Wix Notes. This way DSers will automatically synchronize the Shopify/Wix order notes to your AliExpress suppliers.
WooCommerce: You can contact DSers to customize the store order notes synchronization feature.

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