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Import products via CSV

You may be trying to move away from Shopify and build your own websites. DSers CSV Bulk Orders feature helps you to import and map products via CSV files.

How to import products via CSV files

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-louder CSV Bulk Orders.
  2. Under "Products", click dsers-download-template to download the product template named "import_products_demo".
  3. Open the file and fill in your product data.
  4. Go back to DSers and click dsers-import-file.
  5. In the Pop-up, click dsers-choose-csv-file to import the modified file and click dsers-import-file.

If successful, your product data file will appear in the sheet under “Product” and you can place CSV orders to AliExpress in bulk.

Fields reference




Product ID


The ID of your product.



The SKU of your product.

AliExpress URL


The URL of your AliExpress product.

SKU  (AliExpress SKU) 


The SKU of your AliExpress product.

Note: You can enter the AliExpress product URL in the Search box under “Check AliExpress Product SKU and click Check to check your wanted SKUs. If the SKU shows as <none>, please keep the field empty.

AliExpress seller ID


The ID of your AliExpress supplier.

Note: You can import the AliExpress product to Import List and access the Product tab to check the AliExpress Seller ID.

Note that each time you modify information or add a product to your store, you will need to update this file.

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