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Product SKUs FAQs

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Each product variant has a unique SKU (SKU code), and one important thing is to make sure the SKUs are present in your store properly. In case you have problems with how to deal with SKUs, check the common issues below.

Q1: How to check SKU (code)?

You can check product SKUs in the Import List page and My Products page.


Path to check the SKU (code)

Import List

Product Card > > Variants tab > Sku column

My Products

Product Card > > Check details > Variants tab > Sku column

Q2: How to edit product SKUs?

When you personalize the product details, you can edit your product SKUs. In detail, you can rename SKUs, and add or remove SKUs. Check here to learn the corresponding steps.

Q3: What if the product has more than 100 SKUs?

You won’t be able to push a product that has 100+ SKUs to a Shopify store. Otherwise, there will be an error message "The product contains more than 100 SKUs" and you will fail to push it. Check here to solve the problem.

Q4: What if the AliExpress product SKU has changed?

Be sure to turn on the SKU changes notifications. This way, you will be notified if there are SKU changes from AliExpress suppliers. You can remap your products right on the Notification page.

Q5: How to optimize product SKUs?

If you want to make your SKUs more suitable for your business model, you can activate the SKU optimization feature in DSers to optimize the product SKU format. Here is how.

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