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Apply multiple suppliers to a product

For Basic Mapping users, when your product is mapped with only one supplier, you may find that it doesn't sell some variants you really want or you find a new supplier selling one of the variants for a cheaper price. In these situations, you can connect a second supplier to add or replace some variants.

How to apply multiple suppliers to a product

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-my-products My Products.
  2. Select the AliExpress tab in the Navigator Bar.
  3. Hover on the Product Card to click the dsers-mapping-button button (or the dsers-mapping-icon icon).
  4. Under the Basic (Basic Mapping) tab, paste a product URL in the Alternate Products search bar and click on IMPORT. The AliExpress product will appear in the Add products (Alternate Products) column.
  5. 📕 NOTE

    The URL must be an AliExpress product URL, like

  6. Click dsers-wrench at the lower right side of the newly imported product image.
  7. Select dsers-radio-button-uncheckedSecond option and click CONFIRM.
  8. (Optional)In the Default Ali Product column, hover on dsers-arrow-dropdown of the variant(variation) for which you want to replace with the substitute supplier and click dsers-cancel to delete the original variant mapping.
  9. In the Substitute Ali Product column, click Select Variant (Select Variation) to map the unmapped product’s variants (variations).
  10. Once done, click SAVE.

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