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Synchronize tracking numbers to PayPal

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PayPal will recognize the transaction with tracking numbers as fulfilled by suppliers so that you can avoid a dispute with your customer about the purchase.

To add tracking numbers to your transactions on PayPal, you need to authorize DSers and connect your account to PayPal.


  • Check order tracking information in one place: DSers and PayPal integration will help you synchronize tracking numbers to your PayPal transactions' details. That is, you can log in to PayPal to track all your orders.
  • Reduce potential transaction risks: Because you rely on suppliers to dropship, you have little control over the package delivery. The feature can help you avoid a dispute with your customers if you have tracking numbers for the transaction in PayPal.
  • How to synchronize tracking numbers to PayPal

    1. Login to DSers > dsers-settings Settings > Sales channel Setting > Fulfill Flow Manager.
    2. Locate the Send tracking number to PayPal part and click dsers-arrow-dropdown on the Select a PayPal account to connect to selector and click on CONNECT TO PAYPAL. You will be redirected to PayPal.
    3. Login to PayPal and click Agree and connect to finish the authorization.
    4. In the Sync tracking number to PayPal section, click on a store name and click on the Select an account selector to select your connected PayPal account from the dropdown menu.

    DSers will now be able to synchronize the tracking numbers from your suppliers to DSers and then from DSers to Shopify and PayPal.

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