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To enable DSers to access your store data and synchronize information like order status and tracking numbers, you need to authorize DSers to connect to the store. Learn the steps to add a store in the following guide.

How to add a store

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Situation 1: You are installing DSers

In this case, connecting a store to DSers is a necessary step for your DSers installation. Click here to learn more.

Situation 2: You have disconnected all your stores

You have just disconnected all your Shopify stores from your existing DSers account. Then you will be redirected to choose a platform to connect your store.
  1. Login to DSers, and you will be taken to the page to select a platform.
  2. Click the Shopify button to be directed to the Shopify app store page.
  3. Click on the Log in button to log in to your Shopify account.
  4. 📕 NOTE

    If you see "App Installed" in Step 3, it means that this Shopify account is already linked to a DSers account. Please log out of the current Shopify account and follow this step with a Shopify account not connected to DSers yet.

  5. Click on the Add app button. You will be directed to your Shopify store to finish authorization.
  6. Click on the Install app button to verify.
  7. Go back to DSers to click on UPDATE in the Pop-up.

Situation 3: You have linked at least one store

If you are running multiple stores, DSers is the right place for you to connect more than one store and manage them in one place.
  1. Login to DSers.
  2. Click dsers-insert-link Link to More Stores or click dsers-manage-subscription Manage subscription and click dsers-link-to-more-stores to be redirected to the Shopify app store page.
  3. Check Steps 3 to 6 in Situation 2 to finish the store connection.

Now you know how to add a store. You can go to dsers-settings Settings > Stores to check your newly connected stores.

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