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Roll back orders

In case you have accidentally manually fulfilled an order on DSers, you can always roll back the fulfilled orders on DSers and place them to AliExpress again. Read the complete detailed guide below to learn more!

How to roll back an order

  1. Login to DSers > dsers-open-orders Open Orders.
  2. Access the Fulfilled tab.
  3. Select dsers-check-box on the Order Card of the order for which you want to roll back, then click Roll Back Orders.
  4. In the Pop-up, click ROLL BACK ORDERS.
  5. Enter CONFIRM to make sure you want to roll back the order and click YES (CONFIRM).
  6. Click OK.

The order will be moved back to the Awaiting order tab, and you will be able to place it again.

If you are running a business on Shopify or WooCommerce, you cannot roll back the part of a Bundle or BOGO order which is fulfilled, because the order as a whole will be rolled back and you will lose the data created so far (like the AliExpress order number and the tracking number).

As always, be very careful when you manually fulfill an order.

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